We create ecosystem
of opportunity

We seek new opportunities for innovation and business applications, growth and development, and share them across our network.

We create a place
where you
can succeed

We have been striving to make a positive change for more than 11 years. Our group runs the oldest coworking network and the largest acceleration machinery in the Czech Republic.

We create valuable

In addition to scouting methods, we have also developed acceleration methods for startups, social businesses, for-profit and non-profit projects.

We create a network

We connect professionals, experts and experienced entrepreneurs. They are invaluable consultants, mentors and judges.

We create a platform
for positive

We strive to make a difference in our community, in the future of business and the health of our planet. That is why we look for synergies for everyone who shares this outlook.

We create sustainable

We care not only about smart but also sustainable solutions. We share the values of circular shared economy and the prudent use of resources.

We create social

We see business, where profit is not the overriding motivation, as a necessary step for the development of society. That is why social business has our full support.

We create take-off
platforms for

We accelerate the growth of emerging projects and help them save time and money. With proper guidance, they can avoid dead ends, and achieve true success.

We create custom

We only participate in fair collaboration that benefits everyone involved. We are not afraid of new challenges and value quality relationships.

Our pride and joy

Acceleration programs

We accelerate the growth of projects at any stage of development. We have 100+ accelerated projects annually and an international scope of action.

Innovation and sustainability

We provide innovation consulting, customized workshops and community events. We build strategic partnerships focusing on innovation and sustainability.

Impact Hub Mashup

We organize a show which has seen presentations by 1,000+ projects. We showed you projects such as Vasky, Nesnězeno and Loono before they gained popularity.

News calendar

Something is happening at the Hub every single month. Don’t miss new events and stories!


We follow stories of interesting people and promote business development in the entire country. We establish new meaningful partnerships across the commercial and non-profit environments. We know how to navigate small projects towards sustainability, social businesses towards prosperity, and large companies towards new success.

Petr Vítek

We achieve the best results and the greatest positive impact by joining our forces and sharing our resources and skills. Our network features 200+ experts, and our community has 1700+ members. We have been operating on the market for more than 10 years and are in charge of the most extensive range of innovation programs in the Czech Republic. We will be happy to help you get involved.

Petr Vítek, Co-founder

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