Sci-fi? International startups are coming with attractive innovations and hot products

Some startups have a potential chance to change the world, others have been changing it for quite some time. Those are the startups that we accelerate in an international program under the auspices of Climate-KIC. If you have not heard of them, get ready to have your mind blown.

Cidrani (CR)

This is wellness in a bottle. If you are not a fan, the kombucha market may seem negligible to you, but it is quite the opposite. According to Markets and Markets, kombucha is one of the most significantly growing markets in terms of beverages, currently worth more than USD 2 billion. Therefore, it would only make sense for someone to come up with a concentrated version. And that is exactly what Cidrani from Croatia did. In a small box with dimensions Xx, you get 15 packets that make 15 beverages without any unnecessary CO2 or refined sugar. And since, unlike kombucha, the bottled concentrated drink does not need to be refrigerated while in transit, its carbon footprint drops in two ways. Cidrani essentially proved that the benefits of fermented drinks can be delivered to people ecologically. Do you want to know more?

Refork (CZ)

It was a hot topic this summer: production and sales of plastic cotton swabs, drinking straws, and other disposable plastic products will end. This signalled go-time for Refork, high-quality wood flour-based cutlery. They address the 12th UN Sustainable Development Goal, founded a research and development facility in Prague, and produce local, degradable, ecologically packaged and entirely natural cutlery using only minimal quantities of water. They wowed the public, then the media and in September the jury of the SDGs Awards, granting them a spot at the Moonshot Awards World Finals in New York. Learn more at CzechCrunch or Forbes.

Makabi (HR)

Traditional agriculture is condemned for the use of heavy organic chemicals (pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and other agrochemicals). After 4 years of research, the Croatian scientific project Makabi is coming up with a revolutionary 3-in-1 biopolymer capsule that serves as an alternative and gives growers an opportunity to drop their range of chemicals. Makabi has developed a “happy pill for plants” that protects and nourishes plants as needed thanks to its embedded slow-release mechanism. 4g of the mixture can increase the cultivation yield by 30%. By spreading its capsules, Makabi aims to make environmentally friendly food accessible to people around the world and reduce environmental damage. And they are on the right track.

myWater Lighthouse (SL)

The popularity of reusable water bottles and water fountains is on the rise. In a referendum, Slovenians confirmed their enormous interest in how water is managed. myWater is responding with their clean-tech solution for smart cities. They have developed a digital hydration station for refilling water which turns tap water into a clean filtered drinking alternative to mineral water that can be refilled contactlessly wherever it is needed in public space. For example, the pilot operation was launched on a coastal beach in Koper. Thanks to real-time data enabled by the Internet of Things, it provides a digital and entirely safe public service. Find out more on LinkedIn.

Woolapack (SB)

Packaging, a huge topic! A lot of things have been put to the test – sawdust, shredded paper, bubbles made of recycled plastic, napkins made of beeswax… Now, it’s time for wool! The Serbian project wants to do away with polystyrene and introduce eco-packaging for a wide variety of products. From pharmaceuticals to fragile goods and frozen fish – wool is hygroscopic, free of chemicals, and natural, it protects goods amazingly and, as a bonus, maintains temperature perfectly.

Would you like to join us next year? Do you have a message or feedback for our projects? Or do you just want to receive updates about similar opportunities on a regular basis? Our contact details can be found on the program website. ClimAccelerator Beyond is supported by EIT Climate KIC, Nestlé, Veolia and Heineken.

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