Impact Hub Alumni Club

We beat a way to success paved by sharing and synergies. That is why we welcome select projects looking for meaningful cooperation and development in our club. You will get to meet those who have the same focus and know-how to share.

Join the club

Club benefits worth far more than rubies

50+ projects in the community

Some have just begun, others are expanding abroad. Some need to work on sales, others on marketing. You can share not only experience but also tips and feedback.

200+ experts within reach

Have you ever needed a lawyer, an accountant or a business consultant, but no one was available? That will not happen with us.

10+ mastermind and other events

We have been focusing on business development for more than 10 years. We understand your pains. That is why we prepare a customized program and determine topics according to your needs and the current situation.

Who is in it with us

Who will you get to meet in the club? Who will we introduce you to, and who can give you feedback on your project, plan or innovation?

How does it work?


Our club is open to everyone who has presented at an Impact Hub MashUp event and/or completed at least the initial bootcamp in our acceleration programs.

How much

The membership fee is CZK 290 per month or CZK 2,900 per year including VAT. That is pretty much the same as the hourly rate charged by our experts. They will be available to you at a fraction of their standard cost.

What in return

Plenty of free services. Such as educational events, verified contacts, promotion for your Hithit campaign and a chance to gain visibility in front of a new audience.

I would like to know more

Send us a message, we will contact you as soon as possible and we will be happy to discuss all the details of the Alumni Club.

Our partners

This would not work without our partners. They assist us with everything to allow us to provide the best possible services without charging you exorbitant fees. Thank you!

Ondřej Durkáč

Continuous education and consultations with experts are usually essential to the development of a successful business. The Alumni Club offers that and more. If any obstacles arise, you do not have to overcome them alone.

Ondřej Durkáč, Club Coordinator